Rolled Ruby 1-2 cm

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Rolled Ruby has been known throughout time as the stone of nobility. This crystal gives us courage, success, and helps us to have victories.

Its energy favors professional success, attracts good business, strengthens our strength and courage, and vibrates attracting new opportunities. The Ruby also attracts good luck, provides light and strength to its wearer, and neutralizes negative energies. By emitting very positive vibrations the Ruby blocks attacks of black magic and energetic vampirism.

Ruby vibrations resonate with the ultimate life force and emanate the highest vibrations of pure red light. Ruby is a powerful foundation stone that greatly increases the “chi” in a person’s body, flourishing all body systems and organs for optimal performance. It stimulates the harmonious flow of “chi” throughout the body and draws the life force directly to the root. This highly energizes the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, making Ruby an especially powerful tool for those who feel a lack of daily strength. Rubies are excellent for gathering and amplifying energy, while also promoting and stimulating mental concentration so that one can focus large amounts of energy on any goal.

This unique crystal has been known to exist since before the time of the Bible, but until the early 1800s, many Rubies consisted of what are now known as red Spinels and Garnets. Many ancient legends revolve around the use of Rubies throughout human history. In Burma, inserting a ruby into their flesh would make them invulnerable and provide protection. During the Middle Ages in Europe, rubies were used to convey good health and remove negative energies from the wearer. Chinese tradition also said that Emperor Kublai Khan offered an entire city in exchange for a very large ruby.

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, dimension and texture because they are natural and unique crystals in their essence

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