Rue, Rosemary and Sandalwood Soap

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Rue, rosemary and sandalwood soap is ideal for energetic protection and daily energizing.

It is believed that rue has positive effects in the spiritual world, being associated with the breaking of negative energies. Esoterics preach that this herb acts on the human aura and propitiates astral improvement. It also acts to ward off the evil eye and obsessive spirits.

In addition to providing benefits to the individual, rue is also said to highlight when an environment is charged with bad energies. They wither in places with low energies and act as a kind of thermometer to show when an energetic cleaning of the environment should be done.

Rosemary is a powerful herb, associated with well-being as well as antibacterial, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory treatments. It provides good energy, renewed spirit and good health. Rosemary, also known as rosemary, is a plant that exudes a strong and pleasant smell.

Rosemary is the herb of transformation and true justice, it is beneficial for apathetic and passive people who need impetus to move forward with their goals and courage not to give up on their ideals and goals.

Sandalwood is a tree considered sacred in India. When cut, it immediately releases its powerful aroma, so sandalwood is said to “scent the axe that wounds it.” It is a plant that teaches us a lesson: not to hold grudges or sorrows, because it perfumes even the executioner who hurts it. This incense is considered to be the aroma of gratitude and spiritual elevation. In the East, it is one of the most used scents for spirituality and meditation. A real balm for your soul.

Rue, rosemary and sandalwood soap is perfect for a bath before cleansing ritual, daily use, or after a hard or stressful day to cleanse our aura! It removes unwanted thought forms and heavy vibrations, to encourage the display of emotions, suppress “gossip,” and calm places where an excess of energy is present. It provides a wonderful protective sphere around you. It is also a wonderful blend of prosperity and luck – use it every morning to start the day off right!

This is a glycerin soap and 100% natural.

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