Handcrafted Incense Sacred Mother 5 Elements Air – Joy

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Handcrafted Incense Sacred Mother 5 Elements Air – Joy is the fragrance of the flowers of the Tree of Paradise, native to the Himalayas, but very prominent in South America.

It calms our thoughts and frees our spirits.

The Sacred Mother 5 Elements Artisan Incense Air – Joy, with its flowers from the Tree of Paradise (Melia azedarach), offers a number of spiritual benefits that can uplift and nourish your soul. Carefully composed and handcrafted, this sacred incense provides a unique and profound experience. Here are the spiritual benefits of this incense:

  1. Spiritual Elevation: When you light the Sacred Mother 5 Elements Air – Joy Handcrafted Incense, you will feel your spiritual energy being elevated, allowing for a deeper connection with the divine.
  2. Mental Clarity: The subtle, delicate fragrances of the Tree of Paradise flowers present in this incense help clear the mind, dispelling confused thoughts and promoting a sense of mental calm.
  3. Purification of the environment: The burning of this sacred incense creates an atmosphere of purification, removing negative energies and promoting a harmonious and balanced space.
  4. Spiritual Strengthening: The inspiring aroma of this incense stimulates spiritual strengthening, allowing you to connect with your deepest essence and strengthen your spiritual journey.
  5. Harmony of the chakras: The Sacred Mother 5 Element Air – Joy handcrafted incense has the ability to balance the chakras, aligning and harmonizing the energy centers of the body, promoting a sense of holistic well-being.
  6. Increased creativity: The unique fragrance of this incense stimulates creativity, awakening your mind to new ideas, inspiration, and creative solutions.
  7. Expansion of consciousness: Burning this incense during meditative or contemplative practices helps expand consciousness, allowing a deeper connection with spirituality and oneself.
  8. Joy and Happiness: The soft, enveloping aroma of the Sacred Mother 5 Elements Handcrafted Incense Air – Joy promotes feelings of joy and happiness, uplifting the spirit and bringing a sense of inner well-being.
  9. Inner peace: When you light this incense, you will experience a sense of deep peace and serenity, helping to relieve stress and anxiety, and promoting tranquility of mind and heart.
  10. Nature Connection: The blossoms of the Tree of Paradise present in this holy incense make a special connection with nature, allowing you to feel more connected to the natural world and its vital energies.
  11. Enhanced intuition: The aroma of the Sacred Mother 5 Elements Air – Joy handcrafted incense stimulates intuition, allowing you to access insights and guidance more easily, strengthening your connection to your inner wisdom.
  12. Spiritual transcendence: Burning this sacred incense can facilitate transcendental and spiritual experiences, allowing you to connect with higher dimensions of consciousness and explore your inner self more deeply.
  13. Emotional balance: The therapeutic properties of the Tree of Paradise flowers present in this incense help to balance the emotions, promoting a state of emotional harmony and providing a sense of inner peace.
  14. Energy Cleansing: The Handcrafted Incense Sacred Mother 5 Elements Air – Joy is known for its ability to energetically clean and purify the environment, removing blockages and subtle impurities that may interfere with the flow of vital energy.
  15. Connection with the sacred feminine: The flowers of the Paradise Tree are considered symbols of the sacred feminine, and the use of this incense can help awaken and strengthen the connection with the divine feminine energy, bringing balance and empowerment.
  16. Spiritual Renewal: By using this incense during rituals or times of spiritual renewal, you may feel invigorated and renewed on your spiritual path, allowing you to let go of the old and embrace the new with enthusiasm.
  17. Spiritual protection: The sacred aroma of this incense can act as an energetic shield, offering spiritual protection against unwanted energies and negative influences, keeping your energy field safe and harmonious.
  18. Awakening latent spirituality: Regular use of Sacred Mother 5 Element Handcrafted Incense Air – Joy can help awaken the latent spirituality in you, allowing you to explore and develop your spiritual abilities and inner potential.
  19. Gratitude and appreciation: Burning this sacred incense can be a constant reminder to cultivate gratitude and appreciation for life, awakening a deep sense of gratitude for the gift and blessings you receive.
  20. Expansion of collective consciousness: By connecting with the sacred energy of this incense, you contribute to the expansion of collective consciousness, radiating love, light, and peace to the world, and promoting global harmony.


How to Use Handcrafted Incense

– First of all choose the appropriate incense with your intention (healing, energetic cleansing, protection, attunement with guides or angels, etc). Do not light incense just to give “smell” to the house. There is a whole spiritual process behind an incense ritual that must be respected. Any and all energy you “invoke” with incense will be available for your request. There are also elementals of nature that will be made available to be burned in your favor. It is our duty to show respect for this process.

– It should be placed in a metal or clay incense holder to receive the ashes that will fall and to protect the places where they are placed from burns that may arise from these ashes

– Light the tip of the stick covered with incense in a candle, match or lighter flame

– Unite mentally with the smell and feel the peace that each one keeps within himself. It’s your time to relax. Make it your ritual of relaxation and meditation.

This incense is carefully hand-made with carefully chosen products, leaving a wonderful, refined fragrance. Because it is totally natural, even its ash can be used in massages, oils, to fortify plants and even make soaps. It can be used in devotional rituals or to protect the third vision, such as the so-called Vibhuti in India. Each stick is equivalent to about 3 sticks of traditional incense, thus making a deep smoking that stays in the room for 2 to 3 days.

100% artisanal, handmade in Argentina, natural, with little processed herbs, biomass-based, therapeutic and original.

Each box has 6 extra premium sticks, which burn for approximately one hour each stick.

As it is a handmade product, there may be differences in the texture of each stick, because they are natural products, little processed and unique in their essence

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