Sandalwood Red Chips

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Red Sandalwood is a precious source of tranquility and balance for body, mind, and spirit, widely used in the practice of meditation. Recognized as a powerful antidepressant, it plays a key role in harmonizing emotions. Throughout the ages, this incense has been offered to the Gods, as it is believed to bring good energies and favor connection with the divine. There are records in ancient Sanskrit and Chinese documents that prove the use of Sandalwood in religious ceremonies and rituals for the elevation of the soul.

The mystics of the past used Sandalwood to stimulate and activate the psychic centers, as well as aid in meditation, calm the nerves, and awaken sexuality. The soft, enveloping fragrance of Sandalwood creates an atmosphere of serenity, making it ideal for those seeking inner peace, balance, and moments of reflection. It is a valuable tool for people who face stress and have a hectic lifestyle. Its essence dissipates tension and invites the imagination to embark on a wonderful, invigorating journey.

Red Sandalwood is a sacred wood that offers many spiritual benefits, and is a magical complement to your intentions. Associated with the direction of the South and the Fire and Earth elements, it brings peace, healing, and protection. Burning it can benefit your intentions by promoting a relaxed state of mind and raising your vibration. Red Sandalwood can be used as a sacred offering to your deities or to honor your ancestors. In addition, its burning wards off negativity, provides protection, healing, cleansing, purification, clairvoyance, psychic visions, love, attraction, blessings, astral travel, meditation, and stimulates spiritual awareness.

Red Sandalwood can be used as incense, mixed in herbal potions or oils, placed around the base of candles, or sprinkled around the house to bless, cleanse, protect, and ward off negative energies. You can also burn it in charcoal pellets to attract love, find a new partner, or strengthen love within an existing relationship.

Native to India, the Sandalwood tree, known as Santalum album, has been widely used for millennia in rituals of purification and religious consecration because of its beneficial effects, including intense spiritual elevation. This highly fragrant wood has been enjoyed by the peoples of India, China, and Egypt for thousands of years. Its essential oil is used to bless newborn babies and embalm the dead.

For Indians, Sandalwood is also a symbol of purity and chastity, and is used in wedding ceremonies and religious rituals. Sandalwood oil is considered to be one of the most valuable oils in the perfumery industry, and is widely used in fragrances, soaps, lotions, and creams.

How to use

Light a charcoal and place some of the sandalwood powder on the ember, where its fragrance will be released into the air for several minutes.

Sandalwood properties

– Attracts love, promotes sensuality, sexuality and attraction

– Used in consecrations

– Promotes intuition

– Attracts success

– Awakens awareness of past lives.

– Brings courage and confidence to face times of rapid change

– It provides tranquility and harmony.

– Promotes alignment of the subtle bodies

– It helps in studies and promotes mental balance.

– Promotes spirituality, elevates vibrations, favors meditation and intuition

– Used as incense, it purifies, discharges bad energies, heals, and protects.


Sandalwood is also used in necklaces, bracelets, and small statues, or as a room flavoring.

Note: because it is a natural product, sandalwood may present variations in the presentation of its thickness.

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