Strawberry Sea Shell (Clanculus Puniceus) 100 gr

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Strawberry Sea Shell (Clanculus Puniceus) or Strawberry Snail is a species of small sea snail, a marine gastropod, that in adulthood measures between 1 to 2 cm. With some rarity.

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Origin Kenya

About Shell Energy

Because they lived near the sea, attuned to the timbre of the waves and tides, the ancients honored the shells as gifts from the Sea Deities and used them for their protection and healing. In this time of reappearance of the energy of the Goddess and the realignment of humanity with the rhythms, forces and elementals of nature, the use of shells can restore people, by balancing the female and male polarities.

The conch shell is a spiritual symbol that has been used in many cultures throughout history. Along with the circle and the spiral, it is perhaps one of the oldest symbols used for esoteric wisdom. Used for practical purposes as a horn in ancient times, it is usually associated with the sound used to wake people up. The ancients adapted the practice use to associate the shell with spiritual awakening in symbolism. In ancient Sanskrit, the shell is known as Shankha, which means “a shell holding the sacred water”. The Vedic myth says that the shell appeared from the water after the great upheaval of the ocean.

The shells have a wonderful source of calming energy that removes tension and stress from the body. They contain the powerful energy of the oceans that surround our planet and can help us recreate harmony in our minds and bodies. The energetic pattern of water suggests movement and fluidity and thus remind our cells how to return to our natural rhythm, and thus unlock stagnant energy. Stress creates tensions and contractures in our body, nullifiing cellular movement. Through relaxation, the energy flow returns to normal. The longer the state of tension, the harder it becomes for the body to remember its natural state.
The oceans cover 70 to 80 of the planet’s surface and our physical bodies are also composed of 70 to 80 water. That’s why we suffer a huge influence from the water element and shells can act as catalysts for our body to return to its natural flow, similar to that of the ocean.

Due to being an entirely natural piece, you may have differences from the photo

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