Raw Shungita 1-2 cm

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Protection – Grounding Grounding – Digital Detoxification

The healing power of a Shungita crystal, is not always easily known in the spiritual community, as it is not necessarily one of the most popular healing crystals. But its healing powers are extremely beneficial. Existing for about 2 billion years, Shungite is a powerful ancient healing stone, said to be almost pure carbon, found in the Karelia region of Russia. É
powerful, because it is one of the only natural materials known to contain fullerenes . Fullerenes occur when carbon molecules bond together into hollow, globular molecules. Currently, these molecules are of great scientific interest to many researchers due to their ability to purify water, act as powerful antioxidants, and the possibility that they can help support the treatment of cancers.

Shungita healing stones help to detoxify and purify your body, absorbing and eliminating negative energies or anything that is harmful to the health of the body. They flood your aura with light, allowing only positive, beneficial energies to reach your body. Shungita’s metaphysical properties produce positive blessings and positive results, which will help you know what is beneficial for a better and healthier future.

A Shungita stone is also a very powerful protection tool, especially useful in protection against electromagnetic fields and psychic protection. Place a Shungita stone next to your electronics – such as computer, microwave oven, cell phone, television, Wi-fi and Bluethoot Router, etc. Shungite’s benefits and healing powers come from its rare non-crystalline carbon mineral base

Shungita works to cleanse and align all the particles in the body so that they are open and aligned with the light. It has strong cleansing, purifying, and detoxifying properties. It can be used to clear your body of any dysfunctional patterns, which in turn can manifest as negativity, emotional difficulties, or even certain diseases. Place a few Shungita stones in an affected area and you will see an accelerated resolution of the problem. If you are looking for more whole body healing, instead of focusing on a specific area, simply hold or meditate with the stones. Shungita crystals are also very beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety, relieving insomnia, and increasing your overall energy level.

Shungite has numerous health and healing benefits, making it an essential stone for your spiritual journey.

Approx. weight: 15 to 20 gr

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, dimension and texture because they are natural and unique crystals in their essence

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