Reuter Murray and Lanman Soap

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Reuter Soap is a popular choice for those seeking deep spiritual cleansing and grounding. It is important to remember to perform routine cleansing of the body to ensure energetic balance. In addition, Reuter Soap is known to aid in the practice of lucid dreaming.

By using it, you can get a clear view of the intentions of the people around you. Also, when washing with Reuter Soap while meditating and ask for guidance for people’s real intentions to reveal themselves and ask for protection.

Reuter Soap is a high-quality product with an exquisite fragrance and a gentle formula that cleanses and softens the skin. In addition, it is a popular choice for those seeking a healthy and protected look. Its reputation is known all over the world, making it an old-time favorite.


About Lanman Peru

The company was founded in 1808 by Robert L. Murray in New York. In 1835, Robert L Murray joined DT Lanman and the business was conducted under the company name Murray & Lanman. In 1835, the name of the company was changed to David T. Lanman and company, and in 1861 to Lanman & Kemp. All their products are dedicated to energetic protection and upliftment of the spirit.

This is a vegan, 100% natural soap with organic, raw, African shea butter.


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