Selenite rectangle bowl 14 cm

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The 14 cm Rectangle Selenite Bowl is a spiritual jewel that can’t be missing from your altar! 🌟

🌠 Elevate your spiritual practice with the 14 cm Rectangle Selenite Bowl! Transform your environment and tune in to the energy of the universe. 🌠

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Selenite Rectangle Bowl 14 cm: A Spiritual Treasure

The Selenite Rectangle Bowl 14 cm is a unique piece that combines the natural beauty of crystals with deep spiritual properties. In this article, we explore the various dimensions of this divine object, from its spiritual properties to the benefits it offers. We’ll also delve into Indian Vedic astrology to better understand how this crystal can influence your life.

Spiritual Properties of the Selenite Rectangle Cup 14 cm

Purification and Energy Cleansing with the Selenite Rectangle Bowl 14 cm

The Rectangle Selenite Cup is highly prized for its powerful purifying and energetic cleansing properties. This crystal is known for being one of the most effective in cleansing environments and objects of negative energies. Placing your selenite bowl in your home or workplace helps to keep the energy in the space clean and high, promoting a harmonious environment.

Connection with the Divine through the Selenite Rectangle Bowl 14 cm

Using the Selenite Rectangle Cup in spiritual practices can facilitate a deeper connection with the divine. This crystal is often used in meditations and healing rituals, helping to open the third eye and the crown, the energy centers associated with intuition and communication with the spiritual plane.

Healing Properties of the Selenite Rectangle Cup 14 cm

The 14 cm Rectangle Selenite Cup is also recognized for its healing properties. This crystal can be used to relieve tension and energy blockages in the body. Placing the bowl of selenite on specific areas of the body can help release stagnant energy, promoting a feeling of peace and well-being.

Benefits of the Selenite Rectangle Cup 14 cm

Energy Protection with the Selenite Rectangle Cup 14 cm

The Selenite Rectangle Cup 14 cm acts as a protective shield against negative influences. Its pure energy creates a barrier that prevents unwanted vibrations from entering, keeping your energy field safe and balanced.

Increased Mental Clarity with the Selenite Rectangle Cup 14 cm

In addition to its spiritual properties, the 14 cm Rectangle Selenite Cup is excellent for increasing mental clarity. Selenite helps to dispel confusion and negative thoughts, promoting a clear and focused mind. This benefit is particularly useful during meditation and study, allowing for greater concentration and understanding.

Expanding Spiritual Consciousness with the Selenite Rectangle Cup 14 cm

The Selenite Rectangle Cup 14 cm can be a powerful ally in expanding your spiritual awareness. Its heightened energy helps to awaken and strengthen the connection with your higher self, facilitating access to higher states of consciousness and a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey.

Selenite Rectangle Bowl 14 cm in Indian Vedic Astrology

Influence of the 14 cm Rectangle Selenite Bowl on Vedic Astrology

In Indian Vedic astrology, crystals play a significant role in harmonizing planetary energies. The 14 cm Rectangle Selenite Bowl is particularly useful for calming and balancing the influence of Rahu and Ketu, the south/north lunar nodes known for causing confusion and Karmic challenges. Using this crystal can help mitigate the negative effects of these planets, promoting clarity and emotional stability.

Balancing the Chakras with the Selenite Rectangle Bowl 14 cm in Vedic Astrology

The Selenite Rectangle Bowl 14 cm is also recommended for balancing the chakras in Vedic astrology. Its pure, luminous energy is ideal for cleansing and aligning the chakras, allowing a harmonious flow of prana, or vital energy, through the body. This energetic balance is essential for physical and spiritual health, helping to promote a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

Healing Practices with the 14 cm Rectangle Selenite Bowl in Vedic Astrology

In the Vedic tradition, the Selenite Rectangle Cup is often used in healing practices. Practitioners recommend using the bowl to energize the water that will be used in purification and healing rituals. This method not only amplifies the healing properties of water, but also infuses it with the pure energy of selenite, enhancing its beneficial effects.

The 14 cm Rectangle Selenite Cup as a Spiritual Tool

In short, the Selenite Rectangle Cup is a powerful and versatile spiritual tool. Its purifying, protective and consciousness-raising properties make it an indispensable item for anyone looking to elevate their spiritual practice. Furthermore, its application in Indian Vedic astrology offers an additional dimension of benefits, helping to harmonize planetary energies and balance the chakras.

Note: Selenite crystals often form at the moment when seawater evaporates. As they become heavier, these crystals sink to the bottom of the sea. Interestingly, Selenite can be permanently damaged if exposed to water, so do not clean it and do not even put it in water for any reason. You can use the Crystal Tunner to clean it.

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, dimension and texture because they are natural and unique crystals in their essence

If you want help cleaning your crystals, Selenite is the most appropriate crystal, but you can see how to treat your crystals here

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