Juniper Torch 10 cm

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The fresh, crystalline aroma of a Juniper torch awakens us, awakens our spirit and drives away negative thoughts that have lodged in our minds. Juniper is like some kind of spring cleaning for the soul. To get closer to your Self, apply this vibrant aroma of juniper leaves. In Native American cultures, Juniper was believed to protect against evil spirits and bad luck. Some tribes believed that hanging a bundle of juniper leaves on top of the entrance to the house prevented negative energy from entering. Also used in bags and medicine, juniper leaves have many sacred medicinal uses in Native American culture. Even during the plague, flaming juniper was used in an attempt to protect the uninfected from contracting the disease. This millennial and multicultural belief that Juniper’s torches have protective powers stems from their vigorous and life-giving quality. It makes the mind alive and its state of mind too, which blocks the input of negative energy.

Used in purification ceremonies, by burning a Juniper torch, we cleanse doubt from our mind, hesitation, hostility and judgment. Use juniper torch fragrance throughout the house to clean and protect against negativity. The best times to practice this practice are when you are feeling energetically exhausted, apathetic or unmotivated, as well as before parties or meditation to bring positive vibrations. This sacred plant is all about abundance and good luck. Working with juniper torches balances your mind so that you can induce the energy needed to receive new opportunities in your life. Extend your intuition to new spiritual planes with a cleansing energy, and stay more aligned with the gentle, uplifting energy you need after intense purification.

Because they are natural torches and unique in their shape and essence, they may present small differences in the photo

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 cm


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