Green Tree Hammam Spa Scented Cup Candle

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Hammam Spa Scented Cup Candle is ideal for purification, relaxation, and for decorating a special moment. Hammam (Turkish bath) is a treatment known throughout the world as a centuries-old relaxing and purifying Moroccan ritual. This candle will transform your home into a bright and distinctive space. Scented candle with a wonderful gentle scent, in a minimalist and elegant glass cup that allows you to scent the most special moments of your everyday life. It works as a decorative element in your home or also as a much appreciated gift.

How does the power of candles work?

Candles are symbols of illumination and transformation. When lit, it represents the spiritual world and a channel of communication with the Divine Source, gods, angels, and celestial beings. The act of lighting candles is a way to send our intention to the higher plane. There are many ways to communicate with the spiritual, and one of them is candles.

The lit candle symbolizes the light of the soul and spiritual life. That is why they are present in ceremonies, rituals, spiritual practices, and churches of various religious and philosophical segments.

Symbolically, lighting a candle is to represent the transmutation of our prayers or intentions through its flame. Devotees, mystics, religious, and spiritualists use the candle as a form of consecration and connection with the Light of Divine Love.

Depending on the church or religion, the lit candle can be dedicated to a Saint, Master, Guardian Angel, Spiritual Guide, or simply to the Light and Creative Force.

According to the intention and devotion, a certain type of candle can be chosen, taking into account size, paraffin color, quantity, and shape, and thus the practice of lighting a certain candle will have its respective meaning and purpose.

50 gr. candles With 24 hours duration.

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Weight50 g
Dimensions4.5 × 4.5 × 6 cm


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