Salvia White and Bay Torch 10cm

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White Sage has been considered sacred by native Americans, who have used it for many years as a driver of poor energy. Through Sage it is possible to lead negativity to the heavens where it will be purified. It has been used to cleanse and purify people, objects and places, through the technique of smoking with incense and white sage torches.

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The laurel is sacred and its spicy fragrance is an association with the sun and make it suitable for clearing the solar plexus chakra and chakra of the third eye. It is considered masculine and is ruled by Leo, the sun and the element of fire. It is one of the strongest plants to “pull” prosperity at all levels.

Bay leaves can be used to clean a space, object or person in preparation or as part of any ritual, a branch of many leaves can be used in a group situation.

Bay leaves can also be used to increase psychic capacity.

Bay leaves can also be burned in the patient’s room after the disease has passed to purify it and expel any residual vibrations from the disease.

The bay leaf is exceptionally useful as a fumigant during the rites of banishment and exorcism, especially those involving poltergeists. Mixed with sandalwood, it is useful for breaking curses.

When you finally get rid of that roommate, ex-spouse, or family member you thought you’d never leave. Even if you’re not really happy that they’re going, if you know it’s best for everyone, clean the house of your presence to close.

White Sage and Laurel merge into these torches for a high energy cleansing experience.

The Shell of Abalone can also serve as a base for burning torches or Pau Santo. When you combine the cleansing properties with other healing tools with white Sage, it becomes strong enough to neutralize the negative or low vibration energy that can seep outside.

By using the shell of Abalone and White Sage for a cleaning practice, there is a connection between themselves and mother nature, to the highest vibrations on the planet. Unlike cleaning products and artificial fragrances, the white Sage torch brings us back to nature and its incredible ability to heal and renew.

Because they are natural torches and unique in their shape and essence, they may present small differences in the photo

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