White Sage and Seven Chakras Rose Petals Torch 10 cm

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White Sage and Seven Chakras Rose Petals Torch 10 cm

It is possible to use different methods and techniques to promote effective energy cleansing, to balance and align the chakras so that our vital energy can always be balanced, avoiding physical and emotional illnesses, as well as improving life in general. The White Sage and Rose Petals Seven Chakras Torch 10 cm is one of the most effective ways to promote this cleansing.

The White Sage torch (Salvia Apiana) is a plant whose scent has the ability to purify, protect and elevate the vibration of a space.

The White Sage and Rose Petals Seven Chakras Torch 10 cm is also a powerful ally for relieving emotional pain and freeing the spirit to accept the light of positivity. The influence that the smoke of the White Sage torch can have on spirit and space is in its intention.

Flowers have been on this planet longer than we have, but we adopted the symbolism of the flower much later. Flowers have the unique power to transfer symbolic messages to people. Roses soften emotions such as sadness, anxiety and tensions. The Rose is a symbol of knowledge, its aroma brings a delicate energy of comfort and love to the environment.

The chakras are the body’s subtle energy system, which have great power and influence on our health and the way we relate to the people in our lives. There are seven chakras in our body, and they are located in specific regions ranging from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each of the chakras has certain symbols and colors that can enhance their functioning and improve the energy of the body in general.

In addition, the White Sage and Rose Petals Seven Chakras Torch 10 cm cleanses and aligns the chakras and cleanses them. The seven chakras are:

1 – Muladhara, the Basic Chakra;

2 – Svadhisthana (Umbilical chakra or base of the belly);

3 – Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra);

4 – Anahata (Heart chakra) ;

5 – Visuddha (throat or laryngeal chakra);

6 – Ajña (Frontal Chakra or third eye);

7 – Sahasra (Crown or head chakra).


You can read more about the chakras here

For hundreds of years we have used flowers to express our emotions and to connect with the people around us, they have helped us express our deepest feelings without saying a single word, and sometimes even giving a flower meant more than any spoken phrase. Each flower has its own symbolic meaning, with which we can relate. We use flowers to express our emotions or to make our lives more colorful and bright. In the 10 cm Seven Chakras White Sage and Rose Petals Torch, its enchanting scents and colors can uplift us and completely change the course of our daily lives.

Roses work on the heart, amplifying the healing energy and releasing the energy of the Higher Self. The 10 cm White Sage and Rose Petals Seven Chakras Torch awakens awareness of love for others and responsibility in relation to the example of life, opening up and teaching us Universal love.

The White Sage and Rose Petals Seven Chakras Torch 10 cm can have a significant impact when used after an argument, after illness, before and after parties, after intense training, before meditation, when moving to a new space and during periods of mourning. To direct the smoke, you can hold the Torch in an Abalone shell, clay burner, or a similar non-flammable bowl and use your other hand or a feather to send the smoke where you want it to go.

Along with its healing properties for the spirit, the smoke from the Seven Chakras White Sage and Rose Petals 10 cm Torch can instantly neutralize all odours in your home, making it a safe and natural alternative to other room sprays or air fresheners. If you feel a feeling of heaviness in your home, it would also be a good time to give a smoking session in each compartment, which will clean and purify the air. You can also light these torches before any kind of therapeutic session, be it meditation, yoga or other self-treatment.

Because they are natural torches and unique in their form and essence, the White Sage Torches and Seven Chakras Rose Petals 10 cm may differ slightly from the photo.

About White Sage from Templo de Buda

Our White Salvia is imported directly from California, where it is born with very special properties from that area. It grows to maturity, in a large space so that it can be born freely without pressure, in its natural habitat. They are only harvested from the age of 3 in a sustainable way, so that they continue to grow and prosper. Then they are properly dried and made the torches or on loose leaves.

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