7 Angels Green Tree Essential Oil

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7 Angels or 7 Angels essential oil, from the renowned Green Tree brand, has a distinctive strong, but also subtle fragrance. A charming fragrance to protect and welcome.

This essential oil is very special because it carries the energy of 7 great Archangels who leave their message for each day of the week.

The 7 Archangels are:

Archangel Michael (invocation for each day)

“I’ll protect you and guide you on Sunday. I help you with the energy of divine love. I deliver you from your pains and sufferings, problems and difficulties, as well as oppressive sacraments”.

Archangel Jofiel (Prince of Enlightenment)

“I’ll protect you and guide you on Monday. With the flame of wisdom and understanding, I make you understand the reality and infinity of divinity and help you prosper in life.”

Archangel Samuel (Prince of Worship)

“I’ll protect you and guide you on Tuesday. Without the power of love, nothing exists in the universe. I help you contemplate the light of love in the daily consciousness that frees and perfects physics and spirituality.”

Archangel Gabriel (Messenger of God)

“I’ll protect you and guide you on Wednesday. I will perfect your intuitions and discernment. I’ll show you the right way to accomplish your missions. I purify your soul and help you manifest yourself as a pure and trustworthy individual being.”

Archangel Raphael (Healing Power of God)

“I’ll protect you and guide you on Thursday. I am a powerful healer and assist you with the healing of your body, mind and spirit. I also help you forget your sufferings and guide you through them for your well-being.”

Archangel Uriel (Light of Knowledge)

“I’ll protect you and guide you on Friday. With the flame of knowledge, I lovingly reveal the light of the Creator, dissolving darkness and shadows. Always giving shelter, provisions, mental and spiritual strength.”

Archangel Zadkiel (Prince of Transformation)

“I’ll protect you and guide you on Saturday. With the flame of knowledge, I lovingly reveal the light of the Creator, dissolving darkness and shadows. Always giving shelter. provisions, mental and spiritual strength.”

About Essential Oils

Essential oils are substances synthesized in the laboratory of essences stored and released by plants. Being completely of vegetable origin, essential oils provide health benefits through aromatherapy, can soothe, stimulate, heal, disinfect and even act as insecticide, repellent and natural cleaning agent of the house.

Essential oils are powerful fragrant oils that release a pleasant scent through heating and enhance your environmental experience. With these fragrance oils you create a pleasant experience.

The more senses you stimulate, the more intuitively the experience of the moment will be experienced. These are specially intended for use in an aroma diffuser and not as massage oil.

How to Use

Fill the aroma diffuser with water and add about 5 drops of fragrance oil. Once the water is heated and evaporated, the aromatic odor will increase. It should not be ingested. It’s not body application.

Always close the lids of the vials (because the oils evaporate) and store them in a cool place, preserving them from the direct incidence of sunlight, other light sources and radiators.

Keep essential oils out of reach of children as well as pets.

Each bottle contains 10 ml

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Indian Incense Green Tree 7 Angels

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