Andara Storm Clouds Oil

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Andara Storm Clouds Oil, each little bottle contains 10 ml and genuine Andara crystal chips.

About Andara Crystals

Andara crystals are used to access the higher dimensions of consciousness. Andara crystals will open and clear each chakra and detoxify any form of negativity. The healing vibrations are amazing. The Andara will help increase your access to all universal knowledge and greatly accelerate your spiritual development. Andara is one of the best crystals for giving the ability to channel, and is also perfect for healing.

Andara crystals are ancient healing crystals that have been around for eons and are believed to have been used in the healing temples of Atlantis and Lemuria, but only now in recent years are they being recognized in the Western world as a powerful healer and tool for spiritual ascension and advancement. They are all heliocentric, which simply means that they absorb and reflect light, which is why they have become such a popular choice for healers and collectors around the world. Their popularity is not only based on beauty. Their energies are very powerful and can be quite intense at times, but you will always have a positive experience when using and working with Andara crystals.

Andaras are available in such beautiful colors due to rare mineral deposits of metal oxides found in the soil, trace elements such as iron, manganese, selenium, cobalt, copper, nickel, titanium, gold, silver, and even uranium. Andara is a volcanic glass found in California.

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About Andara Oil

Here are some possible spiritual benefits attributed to the use of Andara Storm Clouds Oil:

  1. Raising spiritual energy: It is believed that Andara Storm Clouds Oil can help raise the spiritual vibration and promote a sense of connection to higher planes of consciousness.
  2. Mental clarity: People report that the use of the oil can assist in obtaining a clear and focused mind, facilitating meditation, self-knowledge, and introspection.
  3. Emotional balance: Andara Storm Clouds oil can be associated with emotional balance, helping to release emotional blockages and promote a sense of inner peace.
  4. Expansion of consciousness: Some people believe that using the oil can expand consciousness, allowing greater insight into spiritual aspects of reality and a deeper connection to the higher self.
  5. Spiritual protection: There are reports that Andara Storm Clouds Oil can act as a kind of protective shield, helping to neutralize negative energies and strengthening the aura and the energy field.
  6. Intuition and spiritual perception: The use of the oil can be associated with the development of intuition and the capacity for spiritual perception, allowing greater sensitivity to the signs and orientations of the universe.
  7. Energetic cleansing and purification: Some claim that the oil has energetic cleansing and purifying properties, helping to remove negative energies and promoting a state of balance and harmony.

Are Andara crystals real or fake?

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding these crystals due to the fact that they resemble glass or obsidian. As we all know, glass is produced by human hand by grinding the raw materials: silica (from siliceous sand), calcium oxide (provided by calcium carbonate) and sodium oxide (provided by sodium sulfate or sodium carbonate). The ground mixture is then homogenised and baked in an oven. After all the water has been lost, the flux is added to this mass, which generally consists of finely ground pieces of glass. The temperature is raised to 1200 to 1400 o C according to the composition of the raw material.

This is the way the Human has discovered to produce glass. Since everything is but a copy of the Divine, why couldn’t the “glass” already exist by the Divine hand?

Andara crystals are made in the same way, but using different materials. They only occur through volcanic catastrophes, where there is overheating of the Earth, such as happens in glass. When the monoatomic elements are heated to high temperatures, they transfer their properties to the natural glass-like material – infusing it with this natural mineral complex rich in monoatomic minerals. It is these infused glass crystals that are authentic monoatomic Andara crystals.

Of course, their visual similarity is the same, but the results are quite different.

They are a form of Natural glass, like Moldavite, Tektite and Obsidian, but rich in prima matra ethirium

There is also the controversy that they are obsidian from Mexico. What distinguishes it from obsidian is its Etherium content, which is a combination of 70 different minerals. This characteristic is also known as prima matra, which means pure unaltered matter and covers any form of matter that resonates with the original first matter.

The Andara crystals are available in such beautiful colors due to the rare mineral deposits of metallic oxides found in the soil, trace elements such as iron, manganese, selenium, cobalt, copper, nickel, titanium, gold, silver and even uranium (in very little Quantity).

Although it looks like broken glass, those who have the ability to sense energy will reveal the complete opposite, a wonderful and unique crystal.


Use just a few drops, add: to bath water, charm bags, oil burners, incense granules, powder, anoint candles, crystals, esoteric tools, and jewelry.

PET bottles are used, the most environmentally friendly product for these oils. All these bottles can be fully recycled, are lightweight and easy to transport.

It should not be ingested. It’s not body application.

Always close the jar lids tightly (as oils evaporate) and store in a cool place, keeping them away from direct sunlight, other sources of light, and radiators.

Keep essential oils out of reach of children as well as pets.

Each bottle contains 10 ml

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