Copal in Grain

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Copal is a name given to the resins of a tree of a variety of genera; many of which are identified with the aromatic resins used by pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures as grain incense that is burned in ceremonies and rituals. More generally, the term Copal describes resinous substances in an intermediate stage of polymerization and hardening between “gummy” and amber resins.

The word Copal is derived from the word nahuatl copalli, which means “incense”. Copal has been used in the oldest Mayan and Aztec ceremonies as an offering to the Gods. They burned copal resin on their pyramids as a gift to the Gods, and the Mayans even burned Copal in their cemeteries.

It is still used by a number of indigenous people in southern Mexico and Central America during temazcal sweat hut ceremonies, as well as sacred mushroom ceremonies, Ayahuasca and IbogaCeremonies. Copal is also found in East Africa and Indonesia.

Resins are found on the bark of trees. Different trees produce different resins. The family of trees in Mexico, Central and South America that create Copal resin is called Bursera. The wood-scented resin extracted from these trees has to be hard enough to be a true resin, which is not the case with Copal because it is in an intermediate stage, but still, it is called Copal resin and we embrace its transient state, burning it and allowing it to transform once again.

The uplifting positivity of copal smoke opens the crown chakra – Sahasrara. Copal works to rid the mind of anxiety and negative thoughts. Copal resin “revolutionizes” the blockages that are causing its energy to be stagnant. Copal’s benefits can be a useful ally in fighting daily stress, as it helps brighten your aura and make you feel emotionally lighter. Just look at the color of copal, luminous and bright.

Copal Properties

  • – Releases negative and clean energy to bring positive energy
  • – Helps in depression and self-balance
  • – It also offers great protection against negative energy and external influences
  • – Copal is a good tool for manifestation
  • – Promotes fertility and is also great for the birth process of something (project, study, personal…)
  • – Increases clarity, creative expression and confidence

How to use Copal

To benefit from Copal’s properties in the purification of your crystals and your home, you will need liturgical or vegetable charcoal. The purpose of the charcoal is to allow the Copal resin to be burned continuously and safely at the same rate. After lighting the charcoal on a fireproof surface, let it burn until it begins to turn white. Then place only 1 or 2 grains of Copal resin in the charcoal. Because Copal is not hard enough, when in contact with coal, the Copal becomes almost liquid and can “smother” the coal. Only one coal arrives.

Soak your crystals or crystal jewelry in the smoke that comes out of the resin. It purifies the energy of the crystals.

You can also clear the energy of your space with Copal.

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50gr, 100gr, 500gr, 1kg


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