Arabic incense Bakhoor Hajr Aswad

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Bakhoor can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, bark, resins, herbs, and flowers. In its most common form, Bakhoor is made from wood chips scented with essential oils and other natural fragrances. The type of wood most commonly used to produce Bakhoor is oud, which is known for its earthy, woody aroma. However, other types of wood, such as sandalwood, are also used to produce different variations of Bakhoor. In addition, some blends may contain other ingredients, such as myrrh, amber, rose, and jasmine, to create custom fragrances.

It has Roses, Jasmine, Orchid, Saffron, and Sandalwood in its composition.

Bakhoor is the Omani name for a mixture of traditional natural ingredients that are offered when burning. This typical Arabian incense blend is sold in the Souq of Muscat or Salalah (spice market).

Bakhoor or Bukhoor, consists mainly of shavings/chips of Oud, the Arabic name for Agarwood. Oud and/or other basic ingredients are infused with oils scented with other natural ingredients or popular fragrances such as sandalwood, musk, or rose oil. The ingredients of bakhoor and the weighing of the ingredients are considered the secret of the producer (bakhoor is mostly made and sold by women).

Bakhoor is offered in different forms: Predominantly as dark, slightly oily mixtures, but also in the form of tablets or pressed pieces. In the Arab region, our Bakhoor blends from Dhofar (Oman) are particularly popular. Bakhoor is burned on charcoal (sometimes also along with incense).

Immerse yourself in the more intense world of Oud with the beautiful Bakhoor Black Oud. Emitting a deeper aroma, this long-lasting fragrance exudes royalty, elegance, and wealth.

Sold in 45 gr. glass containers

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