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Goloka Nature’s Basil Indian Incense, commonly named basil, is associated with the basilisk, a mythical serpent-like creature whose gaze and breath were fatal, because it was believed that basil could transform into a scorpion. Still others note the origin of its name as being from the Greek ‘basilicio’, meaning royal.

One species, Ocimum tenuiflorum, is a sacred plant in India and is grown in most Hindu homes and around temples for its protective influence.

Possession of basil is said to protect against thunder, and wearing a string of beads made from basil stems wards off infection and induces religious inclination and longevity. Basil helps in Love, exorcism, wealth, sympathy, and protection. It dispels confusion, fears, and weakness.

In the tropical Americas and Caribbean, basil species are used to repel mosquitoes.

How to Use Incense

– First of all choose the appropriate incense with your intention (healing, energetic cleansing, protection, attunement with guides or angels, etc). Don’t light incense just to “smell” the house. There is a whole spiritual process behind an incense ritual that must be respected. Any and all energy you “invoke” with incense will be available for your request. There are also elementals of nature that will be made available to be burned in your favor. It is our duty to show respect for this process.

– It should be placed in a metal or clay incense holder to receive the ashes that will fall and to protect the places where they are placed from burns that may arise from these ashes

– Light the tip of the stick covered with incense in a candle, match or lighter flame

– Unite mentally with the smell and feel the peace that each one keeps within himself. It’s your time to relax. Make it your ritual of relaxation and meditation.

All ingredients of this product are purely organic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Free of children’s production.

Packs of 15gr

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