Japanese Patchouli Incense Morning Star

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The Japanese Patchouli Morning Star incense It brings abundance and reactivates fertility. It provides peace of mind. It facilitates meditation and sharpens intuition. It attracts the opposite sex. Used to work on clairvoyance.

Energetically, Patchouli increases energy/attention on sensory levels and in external fields, causing the spiritual self to dock with the physical body. Patchouli also diminishes the perception of time.

About Japanese Incenses

Japanese incenses are carefully handmade in Japan with unique ingredients (shells and other derivatives of typical Japanese animals, cinnamon roots, cloves, ginger lily, lavender, licorice, patchouli, chamomile, rhubarb, safflower, star anise and other herbs) leaving a wonderful and refined fragrance.

Incense became a practice in Japan during the 6th century with the introduction of Buddhismwhich uses incense during its rituals and ceremonies. From then on, incense incense becomes an important facet of Japanese Japanese culture.

Incense is used for a variety of purposes, including Buddhist ceremonies, spirituality, and meditation.

The word incense ( ) in Japan is literal translation for “fragrance”, although in the context it is understood as “incense”. The word 道 can be added, meaning “way,” to give kōdō : the “way of incense,” which involves the use of incense within a codified framework of conduct, as a way of life.

So there’s a whole ritual behind a japanese incense light. There is a reflection on your life path and mission, and a reconnecting back to that path.

By lighting a Japanese incense you connect with the 10 virtues of Kō, which is a traditional Japanese list of benefits derived from the proper and correct use of quality Japanese incense. It is a spiritual ritual to light an incense, such as the ritual of tea, also so usual in Japan

  1. ( ) : Sharpen the senses
  2. () Purifies the Body and Spirit
  3. (2009) Eliminates Pollution
  4. The Spirit Wakes Up
  5. (2009) Healing Loneliness
  6. 塵裏愉閑 : Calm in turbulent situations
  7. いいい : It is not unpleasant, even in abundance
  8. 2010 : Even in small quantities it is sufficient
  9. : Does not lower the vibration, even after a long time
  10. In common use it is not harmful

Each roll has 50 incense rods. Each rod takes an average of 25 to 30 minutes to burn in full due to not owning the traditional bamboo stick. It has a ceramic base to support incense.

100% made of natural products and free of toxic

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