Tarot Kit Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan in English

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The philosophy of The Tarot Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan in English or Dreams of Gaia Tarot (original name) is simple: seek, feel, grow, heal. This tarot will help develop these four principles and strengthen your connection to your divine Self, while helping you identify and heal past experiences that prevent you from living to your full potential.

This tarot assists in developing your confidence and sense of anticipation to face the times of growth and change indoors and outdoors. You’ll learn when to act and when to be quiet. It will deepen your confidence in your own intuition.

Ravynne Phelan is a fantasy artist who has also illustrated several oracle decks, most notably Oracle Messenger, Mythic Oracle, and is a collaborator of Oracle of the Dragonfae. However, the Dreams of Gaia tarot is her first deck of tarot – an impressive offering of 81 cards that show off her beautiful work of art.

The images of the letters present both an idealized pagan world, as a world of myths and legends, as the fairy kingdom of mystical beings and, of course, the famous and extraordinarily powerful dragons of Ravynne Phelan.

This is tarot of 81 cards fully illustrated and considered by many as the tarot of the new era, as it differs from all existing ones. It features 25 cards from Major Arcana and 56 cards from Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana are completely restructured, although there are some familiar concepts disguised under new identities. With the name Desire, in which one can recognize that it is the Devil’s letter, Intuition is very similar to the Moon, the Child and the Madman are almost one in it, and in Mother and Father, can easily discern the Empress and the Emperor respectively. The other letters include The Youth, The Old Woman, The Wise, Death/Rebirth, Knowledge, Wisdom, Healing, Love, Union, Self, Abundance, Destiny, Journey, Thought, Emotions, Desire, Perception, Integrity, Faith.

The structure of the Lesser Arcana differs somewhat from the normal tarot decks, as it has cards from 1 to 12, followed by a queen and a king. Cards 11 and 12 feature a number and a title such as Body/Mind, Male/Female, The Counselor, The Scribe. The “garments” of the Minor Arcana are identified by elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, rather than objects (Cups, Swords, Diamonds, and Clubs).

The Tarot Dreams of Gaia, considered by many as the tarot of the new era, as it offers a structure in the form of major and minor Arcana, like all existing tarots, but combining them with bold new archetypes, symbologies and meanings more suited to the present, gaia’s tarot dreams allow for a more personal and intimate relationship with the Tarot. Embark on this extraordinary journey of undoing, of being, of creating and being inspired by the knowledge that everything that manifests itself in your future is born from the choices you make today.

Tarot Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan or Dreams of Gaia Tarot, is a deck of real power and power, and also as a deep spiritual force. For tarot readers interested in a deck that explores new possibilities and potential for tarot, this deck is something really special. Pagans and seekers of the mythical and mystical will find this deck almost irresistible. It’s probably not the best tarot for beginners because it doesn’t have a traditional tarot structure or image. However, if you’re looking for something new in tarots, something beautiful, something challenging, something healing, something imaginative, something with a beautiful soul, then this is the deck.

Contains 81 cards and also contains a guide book (English) of 308 pages. Both are contained within a solid cardboard box of a shiny black with framing and titles in gold.

Card dimensions: 8.5 cm x 13 cm

Author: Ravynne Phelan

Language: English

Book: 308 pages

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