Kit Tarot Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne in English

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The Illuminati Tarot by Erik C. Dunne contains, in essence, the light of enlightenment, understanding, and truth, made dynamic and interactive through imagery and symbolism. Each letter is like a stained glass window of a church, highlighting a special story and wisdom transmitted over the years to be illuminated by sunlight. It represents the Divine, God, the light of truth and an attainable wisdom or consciousness. Whether portrayed as the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, a lantern, a light reflected in fire, you will find that the symbolism of light in the Illuminati Tarot tells a story about revelation, illumination, and the journey toward consciousness and wisdom.

The name attributed to this tarot has nothing to do with “secret societies”, as well known as illuminati.

However, I continued to return to the deck for a reading, because it was very beautiful! I ended up breaking down and I ordered it. As soon as the deck arrived, I opened it in advance, and honestly, I didn’t disappoint him. Sometimes tarot decks look much better online, but not this one. It’s so beautiful (if not more) than it appeared on my monitor.

The details, color and characterization are brilliant. This is a deck that resists extensive daily use.

The Hermit’s letter resembles Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Other notable cards are the Ace of Hearts, The Alchemist (also known as The Wizard), Ace of Diamonds, 2 of Spades, 9 of Spades, 7 of Clubs and more. This is because these cards seem to come to life and tell a story, just as color choices are interesting.

Each minor Arcana appears to represent a specific nationality. The suit of Clubs are of an Arabic nature with many colorful turbans, the Diamonds have an Asian vibe, the Cups are from Eastern Europe and the Swords look very British. Many of the images on the cards are very traditional Rider-Waite with many symbols on each card for their own interpretation. Some letters have nudity, like bare ass and tits, but tasteful.

The meanings attributed to the cards are based on rider-waite-smith standards (largely those established by Eden Grey), but offer new perspectives and possibilities in this framework. Each card has its own page with an accompanying color image reproduction. The letter receives a subtitle that summarizes its essence, for example, the 2 of Paus is subtitled “The Conqueror at the Tip of the World”, the Jack of Hearts – “The Savior and the Grail Seeker”, The Car is “The Extended Soul in Action”, and so on. There is a dialogue – the letter speaks to the reader, and the information given here is extremely reliable. The author also includes a short paragraph of Themes and Concepts which are essentially the basic meanings that can be attributed to cards.

It contains 70 letters and also contains a 160-page guide book written by Kim Huggens, with detailed instructions for understanding and working with this exclusive deck. It comes inside a solid and colorful magnetic box.

This Deck is a tool dispensed by Lo Scarabeo. Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot decks are acclaimed around the world for their originality and quality. With the best Italian and international artists, each Lo Scarabeo deck is of exceptional artistic value.

Committed to developing innovative new decks while preserving the rich tradition of Tarot, Lo Scarabeo continues to be a favorite among collectors, readers, and tarotologists.

Tarot Sizes

Some authors and publishers have chosen to have several tarot sizes of this same copy. They are: Pocket, medium or standard and large or deluxe. They differ between them only in the size of the cards and the guide book. There are also kits that are a more enhanced build of this same deck.

We can compare a Tarot Kit to a home computer and the other tarot sizes to a Tablet or Mobile Phone. As its name implies, a kit is much more complete. The boxes are stronger and more robust, brings a larger and more complete book with images and even card release schemes, the tarot story and more. Cards are usually the same size as the average or standard tarot, except for some authors. When you buy a Kit, you buy a more sophisticated product of this tarot. It is suitable for those who want to understand this tarot in depth or for those who are starting in the art of perceiving energy and messages through cards.

Card dimensions: 7cm x 12cm

Language: English

Author: Erik C. Dunne

Deck: 78 cards

Book: 160 pages

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo

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