Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards in English

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The Lenormand Deck is a divination card system that gained popularity in Europe in the 18th century. It consists of 36 cards, each with a symbolic image and a title that represents a situation or person.

The spiritual benefits of the Lenormand Deck are related to its ability to provide insights and guidance on emotional and spiritual issues. By doing a reading with the deck, you can gain deeper insight into your inner self and the challenges you face.

In addition, the Lenormand Deck can help develop intuition and spiritual connection. It can be used as a tool for study, meditation, and contemplation of life and everyday situations.

Use your intuition and associations to interpret the cards, or consult the booklet that comes with the deck for guidance on the meaning of each card.

Each slide has the image and explanation in English of the meaning of the card.


About the Lenormand oracle

French fortune teller Marie Anne Lenormand (1768-1843), universally known as Mlle Lenormand, became famous due to her privileged connections with Empress Josephine de Beauharnais and her husband Napoleon Bonaparte. Her socializing with the high society of the time earned her the nickname “Sibyl of the salons”, inspiring the creation of a 52 figure guessing game published in 1828. Around 1840, this game was redesigned and reduced to 36 cards, giving rise to the “Petit Lenormand”, a divinatory system that is still among the most appreciated in the world today.

The Lenormand deck is often called the Gypsy deck or Gypsy oracle.

Deck: 36 cards

Card dimensions: 8.7 x 5.6cm

Booklet: 28 pages with instructions in English

Publisher: AG Muller

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