Jasmine Resin Blend

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This blend of resins has a classic Jasmine fragrance and a fresh, oriental aroma.

Jasmine gets its name from the Old French word Jasmine, which is also derived from the Persian word ‘yasmin’, which literally means “gift from God”.

Jasmine is considered one of the most powerful flowers used in the spiritual world and has calming properties, aids in relaxation, and is useful in cases of insomnia. Its magical power encourages mediumistic dreams, which will attract prosperity. Meditating under the influence of the scent of Jasmine helps alter consciousness. It can be used to ward off sadness in love or to evoke angelic powers or as an offering to fairies. Jasmine is a symbol of kindness and is used for love and protection. Its amazing aroma is calming and helps lift your spirits. The sensual scent of the Jasmine flower is highly recognizable.

This jasmine scent is a blend of various types of gum granules from the African Boswellia Papyrifera, a gum tree native to Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Sudan.

The beads were washed in jasmine scented oils, all of which are EU approved.

How to use Incense Powder Blend

You can benefit from the properties of copal and sandalwood in purifying your crystals and your home. Light a charcoal and place some of the powder on the ember, where its fragrance will be released into the air for several minutes. The purpose of the charcoal is to allow the copal resin to be burned continuously and safely at the same rate. The Incense Powder Blend is an incense that can be used in rituals and/or for meditative purposes. The incense burning ritual is a very rich and vividly sensory experience, this incense must be burned in clay incense holderThe burners or any other material that does not suffer alterations with the heat caused by the high temperature of the liturgical coalwhich should be used for the burning of this type of incense. After lighting the charcoal on a fireproof surface, let it burn until it begins to turn white.

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