Oracle Whispers of Nature by Angela Hartfield in English

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Angela Hartfield’s Nature Whispers or Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards takes us directly to nature, where it teaches us to feel it in a personal way.

Nature is continually seducing us to spend more time in their embrace, through the summoning of birds, the babbling of rivers and streams, through the fragrant smell of flowers and the whispers of trees as the wind blows through their branches.

Through this vibrant Nature Whispers or Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards, with the exquisite art of Josephine Wall, nature invites you to experience a world of deep beauty and timeless wisdom.

Re-light your connection with the great spirit of Mother Gaya Earth and touch on the deep peace, healing and guidance she offers us if we just take a moment to listen.

Contains 50 cards, this oracle is easy to use and is suitable for both beginners and those who have more experience with divination cards. It also contains a 72-page pocket book (English) of the same size as the letters. Both are contained inside a solid colored cardboard box.

About Angela Hartfield

Angela Hartfield is a psychic medium, spiritually intuitive curator and internationally renowned, reiki teacher and master. His passion is to help people learn to access the guidance of angels and the universe.

Angela has been communicating with the spiritual realm since an angelic encounter at the age of 4. It facilitates a certification program, the Angelic Channeler Course in Japan, Ireland and Canada. She also holds workshops in many parts of the world, including her native Hawaii, where she teaches a lesson on Hawaiian healing trips, among others.

She is the creator of the Oracle Angelic Whisper or Angelic Whisper Oracle Cards, as well as the Oracle Whispers of Love or Whispers of Love Oracle Cards, which focus on loving relationships. The Oracle Whispers of Nature highlights the importance of nature and its messages. His latest publication, Whispers of Lord Ganesha or Whispers of Lord Ganesha, focuses on the Hindu God, Lord Ganesha. The purpose of this deck is to connect you with Mr. Ganesha’s energy and provide guidance to eliminate obstacles or shift your consciousness to what is important to you at that time.

Card dimensions: 12.5 cm x 17 cm

Language: English
Author: Angela Hartfield

Artistic design : Josephine Wall

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