Medium Rolled Sodalite 2-3cm

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Trust • Harmony • Communication
Sodalite fills your mind, body and spirit with the energies of trust, harmony and acceptance to help you communicate more clearly. Working with this harmonizing stone gives you a vision of your SELF, helping you to look deeper at your strengths, weaknesses and objectives to bring balance to the whole.

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, size and texture because they are natural crystals and unique in their essence

Approximate weight: Between 15gr and 40 gr

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Believe • Harmony • Communication

The Sodalite stone works with the powerful blue force. It activates our assimilation, awakens intuition and amplifies the connection with our Higher Self. It is excellent for meditation as it soothes the mental and induces deeper meditative states. Sodalite is known as the ” stone of power ” since it awakens our superior abilities, greatly strengthens the intellect. In the physical harmonizes the glands, strengthens metabolism and lymphatic system and favors weight loss.

Sodalite is the stone of truth and brings this truth into groups and/or relationships. Sodalite can help put an end to useless arguments and restore the wisdom and assertiveness of communication. This will result in sincerity and emotional genuineness. It is said to amplify dexterity and amplifies a person’s ability to know. It encourages the logical mental and the oral expression of feelings.

Sodalite has a harmonizing force and is said to bring inner tranquility to the wearer. It has been advised to be used as jewelry or carried in your pocket and even stored in the busiest rooms of your home to preserve a Zen environment.

Popular with artists, Sodalite has been used to produce influence and originality, becoming an ideal partnership stone for painters, singers, musicians, sculptors, writers and anyone else working in the artistic field. Not only does this inspire originality, but it is said that Sodalite is an extra luck for those who work with oral or written expression, which are virtues associated with the Vissudha Throat Chakra.

This stone helps you to reflect logically and intuitively and verbally communicate your thoughts truthfully and calmly and relaxedly. Sodalite is similarly associated with the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna), helping you improve your intuition and inner wisdom; helping him discover his “true Self”.

Main Qualities:

-Sodalite compensates for the exaggeration of rational activity and serves to stimulate the mind

-Awakens the self-healing mechanisms that we all have

-Recommended in cases of possessive relationships or painful splits

-Indicated for egocentrism and vanity

-Helps in the perception of the complications of other people

-Useful in conflicts with the EU and related to the parent archetype

-Opens the heart chakras, base and solar plexus

Approximate weight: Between 15gr and 40 gr

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, size and texture because they are natural crystals and unique in their essence

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