Tarot Rider Waite by Artur A. E. Waite in English (Interactive Cards)

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Experience a new dimension of card reading! The ICards of Arthur A. E. Waite’s Rider Waite tarot will give you completely new possibilities.

Start by choosing a letter and scanning with your cell phone or tablet at the top right of the letter. In an APP, you can read the interpretation, integrate it into reading patterns, and save each reading with notes and date. It is a way to create your own tarot journal. Furthermore, the symbols of the Major Arcana are explained in detail in the App. Every detail of every letter is presented in detail. All information is in English.

The texts in the App are written by Hajo Banzhaf and Noemi Christoph, and give you lots of background information, as well as tips on how you can creatively use the tarot as a modern tool for self-care.

Inside you will find a link to download the App for free.

Deck: 78 cards

Illustration: Pamela Coleman Smith

Author: Arthur Edward Waite

Publisher: AMG Urania

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Dimensions 11.5 × 3.5 × 18.5 cm


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