Rudraksha – The Hindu seed!

What is Rudraksha seed?
Rudraksha is an all-natural seed, found within a fruit with a very vibrant blue, from the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree, is an indigenous Himalayan seed throughout India and Nepal. Rudraksha also grows in other areas of Southeast Asia, where the soil is volcanic and is quite conducive to its growth.

Rudraksha literally means “the tears of Shiva”. They say that while contemplating man’s suffering, Shiva – the great Mahadeva, the Supreme God, and the divine gift giver – unexpectedly began to weep tears of compassion. When his tears poured out, he directed them to earth and turned them into divine seeds, for the benefit of those who sought deliverance from suffering and union with the Divine. Whenever an enlightened one has compassion on us, they leave marks on earth so that we can walk without suffering as well. Deep down, Rudraksha helps in this spiritual path that can sometimes be much suffered.

After my trip to India, I started wearing Rudraksha yarn and bracelets every day, even wearing earrings. The truth is that my spiritual process turned out to be easier and as I also did therapies, it helped immensely to fight denser energies, besides tuning in faster with the Divine. Rudrakha creates holes every time she’s attacked by dense energy, that’s in the big bills. The little ones end up breaking.

Varieties of Rudraksha and its Energy channels
Rudraksha seeds range from 1 to 36 faces (mukhis). .

The most common of these accounts is the 5-sided Mukhi account. The larger the number of faces, the rarer the bill.

7 Benefits if Using Rudraksha

  • Rudraksha manages to change the user’s karma, naturally leading him to the right path of truth and purpose of his life, making the pace along the way faster and progress easier.
  • Rudraksha is very effective in controlling stress, helping to eradicate concerns and bless you with greater peace of mind. Don’t forget it’s Shiva’s tears, it’s a part of this deity that’s in your hands. In more than 6,500 years of documented use, Rudraksha has proven no negative side effects.
  • Rudraksha brings clarity, sharpens the mind and increases the power of intuition.
  • Rudrakhsa opens powerful “circles of protection” from negativity and removes obstacles along its personal path to success.
  • Rudraksha energizes your soul with shakti (spiritual power), increasing the irradiation of the light of your soul and your ability to more fully express your divine power and wisdom in the material world.
  • Rudraksha creates a more intimate connection with the positive forces of nature and the cosmos, helps heal vital energies and makes them more harmonious and balanced
  • Rudraksha is scientifically proven to have immense health benefits depending on the bills they are.

You can find varied products with these wonderful Seeds of Rudrakha.

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