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This Amaryn Water is a cologne from the C’est si Bon series by Lanman and Kemp and contains 221 ml. Also included in this line are Pau Santo Water, Florida American Water, Kananga Water, Florida Water Soap, and Pack of Soap+FloridaWater.

It is a water from Peru with use in shamanic rituals, mainly in the Andean tradition.

When we came down to planet Earth for another incarnation, we came as a whole, but with very our own personal karmas and patterns to balance. Most souls carry the masculine and feminine energies very unbalanced, and this has nothing to do with the physical body.

The feminine and masculine are both co-dependent. They influence each other and help themselves grow. Like yin and yang, the masculine and feminine float together.

Regardless of our sexuality or gender, both feminine and masculine energy exist in us. The two spirits support each other to create the best balance within us.

Amaryn Water comes to help balance the feminine energy and all the attributes associated with it. Recommended more for women because the energy is more active in this gender, it is also indicated for men with this too active energy and in need of balance.

Feminine energy, which is the receptive, nurturing, and passive force in the Universe, is basically Yin.

Amaryn Water is the perfume of a seductive woman who gets what she wants.

This cologne is characterized by its seductive, feminine scent that attracts glances as you walk and generates unforgettable memories. It has a sweet, feminine and attractive scent that inspires the attractive woman to always get what she wants. It attracts men’s attention and overpowers temptation.

The feminine energy when well worked in us, is something you can’t identify – it’s in the way we move, how we speak, it reverberates with every cell in our body.

To embody Yin means to be receptive. It is feminine to be receptive, to learn to know how to receive. It means being passive, and it means being affectionate.

It is a whole way of BEING, a way of living life and interacting with the world in a receptive and intuitive way. This is what feminine energy does. She does not “think”, but rather “feels”. It does not analyze logically, but uses intuition.

Unbalanced feminine energy is chaotic, ever-changing, and very emotional.

This is where Amaryn water will work deeply; in perfecting these virtues.

It is a water that has a citrus aroma with clove, cinnamon, rose, citronella, neroli, lilac magnolia, spicy plants (bay leaf, basil) and other attractive and totally masculine fresh herbs. Amaryn Water surrounds you with a mysterious charm that awakens your passion and gives you courage.

The Amaryn Water will also rescue the seduction that is typical of women. The feminine energy brings its own unconscious techniques for achieving something, and this Amaryn Water will help you refine your seduction to achieve what you want. It can thus be used for a love, professional, family project…..etc.

About Lanman Peru

The company was founded in 1808 by Robert L. Murray in New York. In 1835, Robert L Murray joined DT Lanman and the business was conducted under the company name Murray & Lanman. In 1835, the name of the company was changed to David T. Lanman and company, and in 1861 to Lanman & Kemp. All their products are dedicated to energetic protection and upliftment of the spirit.

This product is flammable because it contains alcohol

Please be aware that Sandalwood Water can be sensitive to the skin.
Skin test before use. If in doubt, do not use directly on the skin.

It is not advisable to ingest in any way. Light-sensitive tissues can be affected if directly sprayed.

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221 ml


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