Light and Love by Doreen Virtue

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Light and Love by Doreen Virtue is designed with the intention of putting you back in touch with your inner child – that little girl or boy who still lives inside you, who needs attention, love, prayers, and time to play.

Doreen Virtue collects and highlights biblical or religious phrases to show that the correct path will always be that of Light and Love.

And, above all, it shows that the answers to life’s concerns are all in the Lord’s words.

Light and Love is a simple, illustrated guide that will help you get in touch with God’s infinite light and love, through the detailed reading of all the messages you will find here.

Discover the immense power of God’s words.

Illustrated manual, with a complete deck of 44 cards.

Deck: 44 cards

Dimensions: 130 x 168 x 45 mm

Book: 128 pages in Portuguese

Publisher: Lighthouse

Author: Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue

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Doreen Virtue e Grant Virtue


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